Next books in the series

Black Madonna – book 2

In Black Madonna, a human finger is left at the altar of Fontcastel’s church, then a tomcat finds an ear. An aristocratic family has deadly secrets – and the power to bury them. A woman’s desperation to bear sons. A diocese with things to hide.  A village still angry about the disappearance of their Black Madonna statue. Then to Manon’s horror, she discovers her own grandfather was involved. 

Lost Picasso  – book 3

In Lost Picasso, an unknown Picasso painting and a lock of blond hair are found when Menuiserie Maury carpenters pull up old floorboards during the refurbishment of a mansion in Thuir. The owners deny knowledge of the painting but DNA tests on the hair prove links to the patriarch. Manon works behind the scenes with the local gendarmerie to discover secrets that threaten to split the village in two.