Author: Katja Willemsen

Oh no, not scrabble!

23/05/2017 Off

I write, therefore I love Scrabble. Wrong. I hate Scrabble. I love words for their content, not their structure. A scrabbler sees gambol as: 4 consonants, 2 vowels, total value 15. But gambol is so much more! There’s bounce in the word, there’s air, exclamation marks, kitten-play, spring, wheat fields!

By Katja Willemsen

It could have been me

09/10/2016 Off

I had just moved to Cape Town and loving life – just as Anita Rakidžija was.

Now imagine bombs whistling overhead, grenades raining down. That’s what happened to Anita Rakidžija, a successful Croatian businesswoman in her 30’s.

Anita Rakidžija’s memoir They Won’t Hurt Me, Mom is heartbreaking. It’s a deeply personal story about a young woman desperate to survive a horrendous war with two small children.

By Katja Willemsen