More about me

Why writing?

In 2003, the day before Christmas, a bully-boy chairman kicked me off the corporate ladder.  Forty-eight shocked hours and a nudge from The Alchemist later, I turned my back on my career and decided to write full time. 

Thank heavens I was clueless about what lay ahead. Writing is a fantastic life if you don’t care about money.  But my ten thousand hours of writing, writing and more writing paid off when An Elephant in my Kitchen was published in 2018.

Was there life before writing? 
Yes and No. 
My other life in three words:  stress, soulless, exhausting.
My writing life in three words:  electrifying, freeing, terrifying.

Why crime fiction? 
My love for books about crime started with Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and Secret Seven – and never stopped. Secrets have always intrigued me and my stories inevitably have shadows from the past that ambush the present. 

I self-published Shepherd’s Prayer in 2014. It’s a fast-paced thriller with a twist of magic realism. Set in Collioure, France,  there’s a wolf cult, underground caves and the kidnapped son of the village’s mayor.